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Responsible for the financial health of a company or organization. Producing financial reports and developing strategies based on financial research. Guiding senior executives in making sound business decisions in the long and short term. 


Key Responsibilities:
1. Provide financial reports and interpret financial information to managerial staff while
recommending further courses of action.
2. Advise on investment activities and provide strategies that the company should take
3. Maintain the financial health of the organization.
4. Develop trends and projections for the firm’s finances.
5. Remittance of taxes on time.
6. Conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities.
7. Oversee operations of the finance department, set goals and objectives, and design
a framework for these to be met.
8. Manage the preparation of the company’s budget.
9. Liase with auditors to ensure appropriate monitoring of company finances is
10. Correspond with various other departments, discussing company plans and agreeing
on future paths to be taken.
11. Summarize current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet,
profit and loss statement and other reports
12. Prepare financial statements and produce budget according to schedule
13. Direct internal and external audits to ensure compliance
14. Perform any other duties assigned by senior management.


Key skills and Competencies
 Strong interpersonal, communication &presentations skills.
 Research skills
 Analytical skills
 Leadership skills
 Superior attention to detail


Job Requirements
 2-5 years’ experience in the finance field
 Bachelor in Commerce / Finance
 Aged between 30- 35 years

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